Cardinal Hoax. A Suspense Thriller by Karl Bozicevic Cardinal Hoax

back story

Growing up on the southeast coast of Florida I was awestruck the first time I saw a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral. My fascination with space travel and science in general has continued. Unfortunately, so has some hearing loss I developed as a child when rockets I built exploded on the launch pad.

As a patent lawyer I've been exposed to the brightest minds and the most innovative technological advancements while practicing in Washington, D.C.; Tokyo, Japan; Miami, Florida; and the San Francisco bay area. In writing Cardinal Hoax I've made use of knowledge gained from my exposure to all types of cutting edge science. The story unfolds on the San Francisco peninsula in the world of venture capitalists and prestigious universities.

Cardinal Hoax originated in a dream I had about an inventor who used his invention to fool everyone into believing that extraterrestrials were visiting earth. The image below shows how that dream appeared to me.

I tried to create a story that blurs fact and fiction the same way my dream did. I took the basic idea from that dream and studied novel writing at Stanford. To develop a better understanding of the subconscious of my characters I took a psychiatry class at Stanford and based the characters on my interactions with scores of interesting people I've met around the world. Much of the science discussed in the book is factual—I also took a physics class at Stanford to learn some terminology and ad reality. Even though the basic concept of reducing the size of electrons to produce nanotrons is pure fiction, it's based on technology covered by patents I wrote for a Spanish physicist who invented methods of radically reducing the size of liquid streams to make very small particles—see

Reading through the book you'll find references made to Mountbatten Pink, types of brain waves and the physicists of “spooky movement at a distance” all of which are quite real. Hopefully, as you read through the book you'll be swept up in the fantasy of the story and forget what's real and what's not.


Lydia Bird and Linda Foust did a great job editing the manuscript. Jeff Wack created the beautiful cover illustration, Anton Khodakovsky designed both cover and interior, and Steve Chapman took the author photographs.