Cardinal Hoax. A Suspense Thriller by Karl Bozicevic Cardinal Hoax


While the sphere hovered over Area 51.....

“They’re a lot closer now,” said Oscar. “One of the Cammo
Dudes is looking out of the back seat window with binoculars.
He must see us.”
“If he sees us, they’ve called the base to confirm visual
contact. The base will scramble F-16 jets,” said Herbert.
“Jets? What the fuck, Herbert? I don’t want to be here
when jets get here.” Korin’s tone conveyed her uncomfortable
emotions. “Herbert, aren’t you more than a bit concerned?
When the Air Force sends jets, they send them to
blow things up!”
“I’m concerned,” said Herbert. “But more than that, I’m
fascinated by what’s happening. Look, the Cammo guys are
at the Black Mailbox and out of their Jeep. But they don’t
have their guns out. One of them is on a radio, one is using a
video camera, and the other is talking to the true believers.
“They must have scrambled the jets right away,” he continued.
“Maybe even before the true believers saw us. The
jets are headed toward us. Get ready for some vibrations
when they go over.”
The sphere remained in place a hundred meters above
the desert floor, making no sound at all. Then the screens
showed two jets approaching. As they came within a thousand
yards of the sphere, Oscar rose from his chair and
calmly walked over to a panel covering a window, touched a
button until it slid the panel partially open. He saw the jets,
not on the screen in some abstract two-dimensional way,
but as voracious three-dimensional war machines headed
directly at him. The jet passed, and vibrations shook the
sphere hard enough that Oscar lost his balance and fell as
he reached to close the panel. “Jesus Christ, that was close,”
he breathed. “They flew right over us. Herbert, I’m sure I
heard my mother calling. We’ve got to get the hell out of
here before someone does something that ruins our whole
day—like firing a missile at us.”

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